Jr Counselor, Working Student Program or Adult Volunteers

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 Junior Counselor & Work Student Program

The volunteer program is designed to provide a fun and educational opportunity for our students.  We are looking for people who plan to volunteer on a regular basis. We don’t accept volunteers on a casual basis because it doesn’t allow time for students to learn our horses’ names and dispositions, how to safely handle horse and how to ride well enough to assist us with students.

Some of Requirements to be in JC Program

• Students must be responsible, trustworthy, and physically capable to perform barn chores.
• Students must be capable to tack up & groom their horse.
• Students are expected to work up to 12-14 hours per month.
• Space is very limited in this program, so interested students must be prepared to work hard, put their best effort forward, and perform above average
• Students must be at least 9 years of age and have taken consistent lesson for at least 6 months while volunteering. (3 lesson/month)


What do  Junior Counselors or Work Students Do?
Duties will vary, depending on experience, age, and the needs of the barn during their shifts.  Here are some examples of things you may be asked to do:  Grooming and tacking horses for lessons; Cleaning stalls, cleaning & filling water buckets; help with lessons; loading and distributing hay; picking up and cleaning the barn and surrounding areas; and cleaning tack, helping to maintain the pastures, oiling tack, feeding and bathing horses.  If you don’t know how to do these things (and most of our new volunteers don’t), we’ll teach you.

 DSC_7979What are the Benefits?

Great Experience for your college application!

This program earns you extra riding time on top of your already paid lessons. This is great way spend more time with the horses and enjoy country life! Also if your child wants to own a horse this is great way for them to learn what it takes to have one!

Working Student Program
(Help on ranch for discounted lesson & or exchange to ride)

  • All applicants will be required put in # of hours prior to receiving discounts for lessons/riding.
  • Some of the duties will be caring for horses, ranch chores & help with our riding program throughout year, including in the summer. Must be available some weekday (morning or evening) At least 2 Sat/month and during our summer riding program. Schedule may vary depending on needs, ask for more details.
  • Applicants for working student positions will need to plan to come to the ranch for a personal interview along with the volunteer trial period.
  • (12-15 yr) Need to have some prior riding experiences and being with horses. Monthly lessons will be required.
  • (16 yr & up) Lesson/riding arrangements will be based off of experience
  • Applicants will be required pay for an intro 45 min lesson (20 min riding) so that we may accurately determine the rider’s skill level.  (Part of trial period). 

20140610_111249 Adults20140613_112329 are welcome Volunteer too!

The huge benefit of being a volunteer you learn so much more than if you were just taking lessons. Some examples of what you might learn is how to catch a horse safely; how and what to feed a horse, and how often; recognize when they’re sick; know what to do in a situation where a horse is injured; and when to call the vet. You have more opportunity to improve your horsemanship skills and even learn how to exercise the horses.

Those interested in of these Programs let us know!