Overnight Camps

Overnight Barrel & Poles, Horsemanship Camp!   

To enroll contact us and we will send you the link to register online.     

Sunday 4 pm-Friday 12 pm Outside horses are welcome too!
Overnights Camps will be in July-dates coming soon!

 Age: Girls only ages 9-16 years, Advance (Previous Campers 16 & up offer CIT Program)
50% non-refundable deposit to hold child’s spot.


Girls will be taking care of their horses, feeding, tacking up their horse, grooming, bathing, cleaning stalls, and learning safety around horses when handling them and much more.  Campers will ride daily, learn the basic of training horses, how to do speed events like barrels & poles, trail rides and will participate in field trips, fun barn dance, crafts & swimming will be included.

Intermediate Explained

OUR PHILOSOPHY for Intermediate & Advance Camps:
We teach horses to use the “thinking side” of their brain by asking them to move all parts of the body (Shoulders, rib cage, laterally, vertically, and hips). With our barrel & pole horse we strive to teach patience with one self and with the horse, we stress softness with rider’s hands.

We teach a lot of horsemanship and we do not run our horse everyday on the patterns because of many reasons: couple reasons is it’s not physically & mentally good for them. We want our horses to enjoy their job so they will excel in the sport we ask them to do. We teach variety types of riding/exercises and not only just ride in an arena all the time with your horses. Horses like us get bored doing the same thing every day.  We do trail rides as well.

Those who really want to learn different skills, problems solving with training, how to be more patient with your horse, how to not compare yourself to other competitors and just want excel in your competition this is the camp for you! We are huge believer in taking care of our horses first and not only looking after our own interest. We ask that campers come with an open mindset to learn, those who have their own horse to send us feedback of what your needs are as well as goals.

Intermediate & Advance Overnight Camps:   This camp is not for the once a year rider. It is designed for the regular lesson students who are in good riding shape. This is a more intensive riding camp then our Intermediate Level. If you are a serious rider and you want to push your riding skills to the upper limit, this is your camp! This is everyone favorite camp to excel too! We will help you and your horse to advance to next level.  We do allow those that have their own horse and are more advance to enroll both of the last 2 weeks of camp.  (for more details ask us).

**Intermediate Overnight Camps:   Intermediate riding skills are a must.  If you are unsure of the level that your daughter is at please contact us so we can help you determine her level.  Campers will be riding western, bareback, barrel racing, poles racing, etc.  Campers will work with our riding instructors, and have their own, more intensive riding schedule. Riders must be comfortable at all gaits in western saddle, must be able tack up and care for their own horse.

** Beginner/Int:  Some riding experience will be required.  If you are unsure of the level that your daughter is at please contact us so we can help you determine her level.

Girls Overnight Camp Dates – must have some previous riding experience.  We do offer lessons prior camp if needed.

TBD  (Beginners & Intermediate)
TBD  (Intermediate- Advance are welcome)
TBD  (Int/Adv-Advance Only)

 We welcome students to bring their own horse.  This is great opportunity for us to help your daughter to be able develop horsemanship and riding skills with their horse.   More info FAQ


Requirements for bringing your own horse: very broke, gentle, no stallions, proof of Coggins and health certificate.  If you live far away we would need a video of your child riding her horse. For more details contact us.