Boarding Information

M&M Ranch

Boarding-Training-Private Ranch

Boarding Includes

Boarding Includes:

    • Paddock/Stall option (Paddock area nice well shaded for summer) stall provided during bad weather.
      • Or Stall only comes with covered run- fan for summer
    • High quality Feed & Coastal Hay (Feed 2 times/day)
    • Daily pasture turn-out (accept in bad weather-maybe limited)
    • Nice Tack Room
    • Wash Area for Horses
    • Night turn out in summer
    • Winter (in extreme weather we put blanket on)
    • Large Arena, Round Pen

Riding and Amentities included

Riding Areas and Amenities Included:

  • Riding options: large arena, round pen, trail ride areas
  • Restroom - includes shower
  • Break room includes: (A/C or Heater as needed) small fridge, Keurig Coffee Maker & Microwave

Some of Requirements

Farrier & Vet, Horse Chiropractor (Come to Ranch)

  • Lesson required- Adults (typically 1-2/month), Youth (2-3/month)
  • Help care horses at least 1/week and on occasion more
  • Keep up health your horse: Regular Shoeing or Trimming, Vet check as needed, Chiropractic as needed, etc.

Boarding Discount Options offered

Horse qualifies to be used lightly in our riding program (Credit will be applied to boarding)- provide more info after you apply

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