TEXAS Girls Horse Camp-Clinic Intermediate to Advance!

Outside Horses Welcome! Sorting, Barrels, Poles and Training & more

M&M Ranch

 Girl's Beg-Int/Advance Overnight Clinic & Camp
Dates: July 9-13th
-Saturday 3 p.m.

Students will arrive early Tuesday morning.

Teen summer Intern Program Taking Enrollments now!

Want to bring my personal horse and want help. Could I bring my horse?

Yes, you can bring your horse! Contact us for more information!

Refer a Friend to Overnight! Discount toward your 2024 tuition!

Refer a friend to Girls' Overnight! Registration for refer-a-friend must be before May 1st. Your friend must be a new student to M&M Ranch.

Intermediate-Advanced Clinic/Camp

Intermediate & Advance: July

Spend lot time with their horses: Mornings are spent with the horses and experienced Wrangler’s at the barn, arenas, trails, ground training etc. One additional Evening Riding!

If you have your own horse or lease, we recommend bringing your own horse so your daughter is able apply what she learns at home. 

We have a very limited space in our level of Intermediate to Advance Camp. Students must be currently taking monthly lessons and or currently riding at Intermediate-Advance to Advance level.

 Previous Int-Advance Campers are welcome up to 17 year of age. We also have our Teen Intern program ask more details.


Intermediate-Advance Clinics: Mornings are spent with the horses and experienced Wrangler staff. Afternoons and evenings will include several other activities when not caring for horses. Example of field trips with the overnight: water parks, vet clinic or horse care facility.

Some examples of what we teach.

  • Horseback Games- Barrels, Pole Bending, Sorting Drill Work
  • Advance proper riding skills, safety, balance, softness
  • Advance horsemanship, riding, training, and groundwork
  • Advance Riding: Correct leads, side-passes, problem-solving
  • Advance training: learn how horses think, groundwork and much more.

Beg-Int. Girls Overnight Clinic & Camp

Girls will ride daily, spend lots of time with horses & will take care of them. We teach a lot of horsemanship, training from basic to more advance pending on level of riders.

Students will enjoying our A/C bunkhouse!

Beginner-Intermediate Clinics:

Requirements for this Beg-Int Clinic:

  • Recommend previous lessons prior to clinic. Or have some riding experiences.
  • Students who want to bring their own horse contact us.

Prior approval is required for Girl's Overnight


Teen Summer Internship Horse Program 15-17 yr. Enroll for 2024!

Teen Intern Program Enroll Now! June to July: For more information

  • Build your resume with real life experiences
    • Gain experience working with horses and grow your horsemanship skills
    • Training program in youth leadership
  • Fee for this program

Want to bring my personal horse and want help. Could I bring my horse?

Yes, you can bring your horse! Contact us for more information!


Ranch Sorting & Horse Training

We are moving toward doing more horse training and ranch sorting. If you need help with your horse let us know! We teach individuals with their horse.

  • Want to connect with your horse? Do you feel stuck and unsure what to do?
  • Horse refuses or unable to do what you ask and your not sure why?
  • Need help with getting your horse to next level of competition or training?
  • Contact us! We offer online consulting for those who are unable come to ranch with their horse.