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Overnight Camps

Outside Horses Welcome! (ask more details)

I Never Lose..I either win or learn

Overnight camps are Sunday evening to Friday 12:00 PM


Beginner to Intermediate


Some riding experience required. We offer lessons if your daughter needs it before enrolling for camp, contact us for availability.

We will allow 8yr old with previous riding lessons or extensive riding.

Girls ride daily & will be taking care of their horses, feeding, cleaning stalls, tacking up their horse, grooming, bathing, and learning safety around horses when handling them and much more.

Mornings are spent with the horses and experienced Wrangler staff. Afternoons and evenings will include several other activities when not caring for horses. Field trips are included: Example water parks, vet clinic or horse care facility. Even have a barn dance at the ranch too!



Intermediate riding skills walk, trot and lope. Campers will work with our riding instructors, and have their own, more intensive riding schedule.

We not only teach how to ride, we also teach campers how to take care of their horse for the week! They will learn how to groom and tack their horse. Bathe and feed the horses, and even muck the stalls!


Can I bring my horse? Yes, we do require lesson(s) with your horse prior signing up for camp. Horse must be trained, broke, healthy; contact us for more details.




This camp is for riders can walk; trot, and lope and we will take rider up to next level. We take very limited numbers of campers because we focus on Intermediate to advanced horsemanship skills. Riders will have lots of time riding and learning different skills, problems solving with training, horse care, and basic health care.

If you have your own horse or lease, we recommend bringing your own horse so your daughter is able apply what she learns at home.

If you are not sure you meet the stated requirements, please contact us with your questions.  We have had riders who have previously ridden English/Jumping here, so they can learn new skills too!

 Previous Advance Campers are welcome up to 17 year of age. We also have our CIT program ask more details.

CIT Program 15-18 yr. Enroll today limited spots!

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