M&M Ranch

Horseback Riding Western for Beginner to Advanced.

Serve Round Rock, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Leander, areas, Texas. 

M&M Ranch

Internship & Instructor/Wrangler- Position (Year-Round & Summer)

Girls' Only! Overnight Camp

Learning Basic of Barrels

Girls will ride daily, spend lots of time with horses & will take care of them. We teach a lot of horsemanship, training from basic to more advance pending on level of riders.

Individualized and taught by qualified instructors! We limit the number of students to preserve this individualized approach.

Welcome Bring Your Horse!

Riders who own their own horse are welcomed! If you need a horse, we provide one too!

A/C bunkhouse!

Intermediate & Advanced Girls' Only! Overnight Clinic!


Horsemanship, Poles or Barrels, Sorting Drills & Much More!

This clinic specialized in extensive horse training for the Intermediate to Advance riders! Riders who own their own horse are welcomed! If you need a horse, we provide one too!

Girls will participate in field trips like going to vet and the water park.

Each clinic varies on horse activities and training.

Limited spots! Enroll today!

Refer a Friend! Discount toward your 2024 tuition!

Refer a friend to Girls' Overnight! Registration for refer-a-friend must be before May 1st. Your friend must be a new student to M&M Ranch.

Lesson Program

We offer small group lessons for beginners to advanced riders.  Our students learn a lot and love riding!  Our group lesson is small so students will have more time with our instructors.  

Student helps to prepare their horse for the riding lesson; including grooming and tacking-up the horse, taking care of their horse before & after the ride, therefore our lessons, time wise, might be a bit longer than the standard lesson program.

A fun and educational opportunity for our students to learn more about horses and spend time with them on a regular basis

Beginner-Intermediate Course (Ages 6-14 yr. old)

Some of what is included:

  • Study materials during clinics
  • Horsemanship & safety- ground lessons
  • Basic riding lesson
  • Students practice saddling & tacking horses.
    • Younger students are taught simple horsemanship skills.


  • 2 Saturdays per month
  • 6 or 8 classes
  • 8:15/30-9:30/45 a.m. (1 hr and 15 min.)
Beg-1 -ride_n

Adult Riding Internship Program

We offer small group lessons for beginners to advanced riders.
Horse Training Available

Girl & Boy Scouts Troop

Lesson for Adults with their own horse available.

Summer Horse Riding Lessons Program

June Summer Lesson Program are for Beginner to Intermediate. Our summer lesson program is for those looking to possibly take lessons or first time riding and learning more about horses. This great for riders with little or no previous or regular horse experience.  Students will be caring for their horses, learn how tack and much more.

Boys & Girls Ages:

  • 7-8 yr (limited spots)
  • 9-15 yr

Teen Internship Leadership Training Clinic (15-17 yr) Apply for 2025!

Summer Program & July Overnight (Dates posted on website)

  • June: 2 weeks- without lodging/food
  • July: 1 week- includes lodging/meals/outings-field trips.
  • Additional dates in summer may be asked for observing or training/other programs.
  • Help with throughout summer with barn chores, horse care & lessons (June-August)

Some of what is included: more info.

  • Study materials, training before & during clinics, ranch t-shirt.
  • Lodging, meals provided at the ranch during Overnights.
  • Field trips (Example: Water park) are provided by the ranch too!
  • Beginner rider- 1 riding or ground lesson.
    • Additional riding option: earn credits toward discount lessons. Must qualify for the program.
  • Intermediate-Advance rider- Earn credits for additional riding when do the entire program! -Must qualify, be responsible and willing to put in the hard work!
  • Those who need lodging during the entire program please let us know.

There is a fee for this Summer Clinic- Students will learn, work hard and participate in camp activities too

Work Student Program (YEAR Round & Summer) Those who want to expand their horsemanship work in exchange training/riding. (Will need to apply.) 

Some of our Horses

SB 2013-3

We are a family owned and close to Georgetown, Texas. Whether your child is a novice or an experienced rider, we provide summer camps that will help your child build his/her confidence.  We teach barrels, poles, lots of horsemanship and much more!