Fill Out Application Form Below- Adult Internship

Intern Adult Ride Student training program:
Applicants who qualify can earn discounted or free lesson/ride. The volunteer program is designed to provide a fun and educational opportunity for our students/adults. We are looking for people who plan to volunteer on a regular basis. We don't accept volunteers on a casual basis because it doesn't allow time for students to learn our horses' names and dispositions, how to safely handle horses and how to ride well enough to assist us with students.

  • Applicants that want to ride are expected to be competent riders, must be physically fit, comfortable riding at all gates and have some experience caring for horses.
  • Some of the duties will be caring for horses, ranch chores & help with our riding program throughout year, including in the summer.
  • Must be available some weekday (morning or evening) At least 2 Sat/month and during our summer riding program. Schedule may vary depending on needs, ask for more details.
  • Students that qualify for the program and meet hours required each month: riding/discounts will be applied for next month’s lesson & ride times.