Summer Day (June) & Overnight Clinics (July) runs in 2 weeks each. Applicants must have First Aid, CPR, and certifications prior to starting.

During overnights room/board available if needed, most of our positions will require to being with the youth girls for the overnight clinics. Our programs do not run all summer so it's great part-time job for those who need more time off in summer!

If Applying for Horse Instructor/Wrangler Position: Applicants are expected to be competent riders and to have some experience caring for horses. Horse instructor position will be required to train/shadow/volunteer on their own time at our ranch, prior to being hired as part of interview process.


Summer Ranch Counselor Positions

No horseback riding experience necessary but must be comfortable being around horses & outdoors.  Must be at least 18 years old.

All Applicants:

  • Dedicated to youths/horses, hard worker, tons energy/fun, Excellent character, honest, responsible, integrity and adaptability, willingness have fun in all activities!
  • Summer Position: Must be available to work at all the overnight clinics and training.
  • CPR & First Aide Certification Required prior to start employment.
  • Living, working with, and leading group of youth students
  • See Website for dates for summer program.
  • We are searching for counselors who are wholesome role models, share common values and are dedicated to youths.
  • Assisting and/or leading on or off-ranch trips, activities, programs, and special events.
  • Must past background check

Summer Ranch Wrangler Counselor Positions

Summer Wrangler/Camp Counselor Position:

  • Competent rider, capable teaching kids Beginner to Advance, lots experiences with horse, excellent physical condition, ability to perform barn chores.
  • Keeping all equipment, the stables, arena, horse pens, and help keep supplies organized and in good repair, help keep bunkhouse clean.

Some of Benefits: Bring your horse! (Horse must qualify) since we are not open all summer you will still have some time off enjoy your summer! Great opportunity to grow leadership; great for your college application or future works with horses and kids!


Volunteer- Female Adult Needed Overnight Clinic

Looking female adult(s) who like to volunteer help 3-5 nights during our overnights.

Intern Ride Student Program

Exchange for discounted or free lesson/ride!
The volunteer program is designed to provide a fun and educational opportunity for our students/adults.

Some of Requirements

  • Prefer applicant lives within 30 min from ranch.
  • Be available 2-3 times per week, 2 Sat/month a.m., 1-2 Friday/month p.m. & parts of summer.
  • Applicants must be physically fit, be very dedicated, and hard working.

Few Benefits:

  • After approved, earn credits toward lessons/ride times.
  • Grow horsemanship, leadership.

Barn & Horse Help:

  • During week early mornings & or evenings help horses
  • Weekends on occasion

Lessons & Training Required:

  • Training/volunteer required along with the lessons.
  • Students that qualify for the program and meet hours required each month: riding/discounts will be applied for next month’s lesson & ride times.

Residential/Room/Board/meals provided during overnight camp.  Grow in your knowledge with horses! Have great summer experience while being paid!