Lessons -Youth Schedule

Horses help build confidence and grow in responsibilities!

Please look over Schedule- Check back each month for updates

JC update Your Calendar

Scouts Friday Oct 27th, update in your Calendar. Email will be sent soon more details for JC!

Beginner-Int. (7 yr. & up)

Dates: 2/month

  • Enrolled 2 lesson/month
  • Students who take lesson middle week dates confirm by email

10/13 Friday (PM) **
10/28 Sat (AM) **


Youth- Beginner, Intermediate-Advance

Dates: 3 Lessons/months

Students enrolled 2/month

  • Dates will be confirm by email

Oct -
10/14 - Sat  AM **
10/13 - Friday  PM **
10/28 - Sat AM

Pending next month Lesson Dates:

Upcoming Lesson Dates- scroll down to see.

JC Program Info.

Schedule for Students JC Program:

  • Saturdays 8:15 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
  • Friday 4:15 p.m -7:30/8 p.m.
    • JC available Fridays 3:45 or 4:00 pm let us know

Lesson middle of week (same time) unless communicate by email

Scouts Dates

    • October 27th

Sorting Dates & Location

    •  (Belton) - Sorting

Pending Next month(s) Lesson Dates- scroll down to see!

Few Reminder- During hotter weather

  • Refillable Water Container
  • Hydrate with water prior and during lesson.
  • Electrolytes help. (add to water)
  • Riding attire: Long blue jeans, boots with heal



Upcoming Pending Lesson Dates:

Remainder Pending Lesson Dates:

November -
11/03 or 17 - Friday (PM) **
11/04 - Sat (AM)
11/11 or 11/18 - Sat (AM) **

December -
12/08 - Friday (PM) **
12/09 - Sat (AM)
12/16 - Sat (AM) **

January -
01/_ - Sat  AM **
01/_ - Friday  PM **
01/_ - Sat AM

Bad Weather Policy

M&M Ranch will notify by email if lessons have to be canceled. 

Bad Weather Policy: (for Youth):
In inclement weather, we will have a fun barn lesson in the covered area. May include ground teaching with horse or horse care. We do require students to still attend; there will be no make-up lessons for missing a barn lesson. 

Most of the time riding still included.

Students Will Need

  • Long pair jeans, dress according to weather
  • Riding boots
  • Use your own personal helmet, or you can use one of ours.
  • Refillable Water Container (we provide cold filtered water)

Cancelation & Make UP Policy

  • Email M&M Ranch 48 hours is required to be eligible for a make-up lesson. 
  • It is M&M Ranch’s goal to start on time, if student arrives late for lesson, then may shorten their lesson time.
  • Make up lessons must be scheduled within 30 days of missed lesson. One make-up per 9 lessons allowed (enrolled monthly)
  • It is student’s responsibility to reschedule missed lessons. Please email us to schedule make-ups.
  • Remember that even if student missed a lesson, your instructor was here

Few Reminders: do not bring to Ranch

  • No Gum
  • No plastic individual water bottles
No water bottle
no gum-2

JC update Your Calendar

Cow Sorting clinic here at Ranch!. -TBD  for Adults & Teens.

Can I bring my horse?

Yes, we do! Contact us for more information.