Lessons -Adult & Youth Midweek Schedule

 Your horse will reveal your weakness, have the courage to grow from it -M&M Ranch

Please look over Schedule- Check back each month for updates

 Schedule for Adult Class & Students (home school mid week) only.

Adult Lessons

  • On occasion date may change
  • If date change confirm by email
  • Adults 3rd lesson see Sat** for dates

Lesson Dates:

5/31  - Wed*
6/03-  Sat (AM) **
6/14 - Wed

Youth (7yr & up)

Dates: 2/month

6/14 - Wed* (AM) Beg I level

  • On occasion date may change
  • Dates will be confirm by email
  • Students 1/month -confirm by email




  • Youth Summer Program
  • Enroll limited space!

Sorting Dates & Location

    • May 26-27 (Belton) - Ranch Event (SHOT)
    • July 23 (Belton) - Sorting

Remainder Pending Dates:

Lesson Dates:

5/31  - Wed*
6/03-  Sat (AM) **
6/14 - Wed

Remainder Pending Morning Dates:

7/12 Wed
7/28 -Friday or 7/29 Sat**
7/26 - Wed


8/_  - Wed*
8/_ - Wed
8/_ or 8/ __- Friday or Sat (AM) **

June & July
- No lessons week of 6/04, 7/16
- Kids summer program week of 6/19 & 6/26, 7/13-21

Few Reminder- During hotter weather

  • Refillable Water Container
  • Hydrate with water prior and during lesson.
  • Electrolytes help. (add to water)
  • Riding attire: Long blue jeans, boots with heal


Students Will Need

  • Long pair jeans, dress according to weather
  • Riding boots
  • Use your own personal helmet, or you can use one of ours.
  • Refillable Water Container (we provide cold filtered water)
  • Adults own horse-Bring training supplies

Cancelation & Make UP Policy

  • Email M&M Ranch 48 hours is required to be eligible for a make-up lesson. 
  • It is M&M Ranch’s goal to start on time, if student arrives late for lesson, then may shorten their lesson time.
  • Make up lessons must be scheduled within 30 days of missed lesson. One make-up per 9 lessons allowed (enrolled monthly)
  • It is student’s responsibility to reschedule missed lessons. Please email us to schedule make-ups.
  • Remember that even if student missed a lesson, your instructor was here

Bad Weather Policy

M&M Ranch will notify by email if lessons have to be canceled. 

Bad Weather Policy: (for Youth):
In inclement weather, we will have a fun barn lesson in the covered area. May include ground teaching with horse or horse care. We do require students to still attend; there will be no make-up lessons for missing a barn lesson. 

Bad Weather Policy: (for Adults):
In inclement weather, for adults M&M Ranch will contact you if need reschedule. Typically, we use this opportunity to do ground training if we are unable to ride. Most of the time riding still included.

Few Reminders: do not bring to Ranch

  • No Gum
  • No plastic individual water bottles
No water bottle
no gum-2

Can I bring my horse?

Yes, we do! Contact us for more information.